Welcome to the Bored Sasquatch Club

The Bored Sasquatch Club is a unique collection of 10,000 Sasquatches living on the Polygon blockchain. Holding a Sasquatch will grant you access to our exclusive memberships, giveaways, and more, including 10 lucky holders who will receive $5,000 each after the collection has sold out. View the BSC Roadmap below for more information on utilities. Welcome to the family Sasquatches!


[1] Our Sasquatch Club

Building a strong and healthy community is the ultimate goal of The Bored Sasquatch Club. In order to accomplish this goal, we plan on: organizing events for our community, allowing our holders a voice in voting on future projects, maintaining 100% transparency throughout our journey, and attempting to create financial freedom for each and every member of the club. We are only as strong as our community.

[2] Exclusive Holder Benefits

In alignment with BSC’s beliefs about community being the ultimate goal, we want to offer exclusive benefits and rights to all of our Sasquatch holders. This includes but is not limited to: an additional treasury funded by secondary royalty sales from which holders will have the right to vote on where the money goes. This money could go to someone in need, community projects, auctioning off other projects NFT’s, etc. In addition, holders will have first minting rights to future projects before going public, and free airdrops. We will look to do real life events that our holders will be invited to ensure that everyone has a chance to meet one another, as well as getting the opportunity to connect and network.

[3] The Exclusive VIP Club

The Bored Sasquatch VIP Club will consist of 100 members hand-picked by our team. Members who receive invites to our VIP club are those who may hold numerous Sasquatches, show passion in our project, and are active members in our community. VIP member benefits include: 12 hours pre-release minting, free Ethereum Drops, invites to exclusive parties, networking events, and free merchandise.

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Mr. Squatch is the proud co-founder of The Bored Sasquatch Club. He has been involved in the crypto and NFT space for over 8 years. He runs our social media, marketing and development of the project. He believes the future is now.

Mr. Hibagon is the second co-founder of The Bored Sasquatch Club. He's our Web3 engineer and blockchain enthusiast. He loves all things relating to computers, crypto, and NFTs. Also, a fan of good dad jokes.

Mr. Bigfoot has over 7 years of experience in the field of social media, marketing and strategy. He has a passion for traveling, crypto, and NFT’s.


Mr. Chewy is the team’s newest recruit. He helps with all things marketing, social media and marketing. If he's not out making hole-in-one's out on the golf course, you can expect him to be helping out on Twitter and Discord.


Mr. Chupacabra is The Bored Sasquatch artist. Mr. Chupacabra has over 15 years of experience in the digital art space and is a recent graduate of the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Sri Lanka.


  • How many Sasquatches will there be?


  • Is there a release date?

    April 3rd!

  • Whitelist

    No. There will only be a public sale to ensure fairness. However, 100 VIP members will have access 12-24 hours prior to launch.

  • How many can you mint during public sale?

    You will be able to mint as many as you want.

  • Is there a mint price?

    We will announce in our Discord!